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The Trustees

The Trustees have extensive and successful practical experience of agricultural business and its management, rural consultancy, estate management and scientific research, together with appropriate higher academic qualifications.

The Trustees are also longstanding members of a variety of organisations such as The Countryside Alliance, the Royal Forestry Society, the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, English Heritage and the National Trust. This knowledge and life experience informs the aims and direction of the Nineveh Charitable Trust.

The Nineveh Charitable Trustee - Robert GH Lewis, NDA (Chairman)

Robert GH Lewis, NDA (Chairman)

Robert Lewis was born in 1947. He was educated at Felsted School in Essex and gained a National Diploma in Agriculture from Writtle Agricultural College, also in Essex. He joined Professor and Mrs James in 1974 to manage the farmland they had acquired in the previous 10 years. During this period, as Managing Director of T&M James (Farms) Ltd, the area of farmland doubled to 1000 acres of arable land.

Robert's interests include field sports, rugby and the study of conservation and natural history. He is a member of the Royal Forestry Society, The Farmers Club, The National Trust, The Countryside Alliance, and the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust.

He is married with a son and daughter. He was appointed a Trustee in 1995.

The Nineveh Charitable Trustee - Michael F James, BSc PhD

Michael F James, BSc PhD

Mike trained in Physiology (BSc) and biological research (PhD) at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and worked for 28 years at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and its antecedent companies in therapeutic research. He has co-authored, with GSK colleagues and academic collaborators, ˜40 full scientific papers in research areas such as arthritis, inflammation and neurological disease, especially the development and use of preclinical imaging (particularly magnetic resonance imaging).

Mike married his wife Irene in 1970; their son Alex was born in 1980 and has been blind from birth. Mike's interests apart from science include country sports, walking, touring, art and museums and visiting ancient sites. He is a member of English Heritage, the National Trust and a Friend of the British Museum.

The Nineveh Charitable Trustee - John D MacGregor, BSc MSc

John D MacGregor, BSc MSc

John has spent his working life as a rural consultant, and is currently Chairman of Laurence Gould Partnership Ltd, the largest independent rural consultancy in the UK.

His first degree was in Agricultural Economics, followed by an MSc in Farm Business Management. He now concentrates on strategic advice to farms and estates, in particular in setting up joint ventures, at the same time advising on environmental and diversification opportunities.

John was a director of T&M James (Farms) Ltd for many years, and was appointed a Trustee in 1997 so that he could apply his knowledge of rural businesses, countryside pursuits, conservation bodies, and landowners to the aims of the Trust.

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