How to apply

Charitable funding proposals should address the Objectives of the Nineveh Charitable Trust (see the website’s Home and Trust’s Aims pages).

Our Grants Awarded page also provides insight into our charitable aims.

Your funding proposal should be no longer than 2 double-sided pages, carefully worded, justifying your request in relation to our Objectives.

  • We prefer to pay grants to UK registered charities or Community Interest Companies.
  • But individual applicants may be considered if the outcome benefits are clearly defined.

To reduce our administrative burden, please send three copies of your proposal with a stamped self-addressed envelope; please also complete a contact form and send four copies with your proposals to:

S Hutchinson
The Nineveh Charitable Trust
8 Mill Lane,
Saffron Walden,
CB10 2AS

Please note applications not received at this address will not be processed. 

Proposals for charitable funding can be in the form of a letter, but a Situation – Target – Proposal type of structure is helpful to explain your objective for our funding and the details of the proposal, especially if it is quite complex.

A brief summary could also be useful.

Background information (e.g. in a covering letter), such as website and email addresses, annual accounts, photographs etc, gives us an idea of your organisation’s aims and accomplishments.

Please note there is no funding limit, we are guided by our investment income and the quality of proposals received. The Trustee’s meet once per quarter to review applications and allocate funding. Proposals not received in time for a meeting will be rolled over for consideration at the next one.



we want to know

  • How much you want.
  • What the money is going to be used for (e.g. provide a breakdown).
  • Methodologies (e.g. of a field study; how the data will be measured).
  • Successful outcome indicators (e.g. please specify up to 3 measures that will demonstrate the success of your project)
  • What the benefit will be, not only to your organisation but thinking about the wider world.
  • How your target will support our aims.

.ukWe would be pleased to support requests for one-off payments and to match funds promised by other granting agencies.

The competition for our funds is considerable and growing. Hence successful applications must address our objectives.

Applications already exceed our granting capacity, which we currently set at a total of approximately £0.5 million p.a. for all donations.

Please see our Grant Statistics webpage for further information about our donations.

Once funded, we want you to submit a report on your project that we can publish on our website, so the public and the Charity Commission can see how our funds are employed. The Trustees have developed a Questionnaire to gain information about the funds we provide, their value to you and any feedback for us.

Please note that the competition for our funding is considerable and growing, and currently exceeds our granting capacity.


Can we mention you in our Marketing?

Yes you can! To download a copy of our logo click here

What are the timing restrictions around reapplying?

There aren’t any, you are welcome to reapply at any time

When is the next meeting?

The Trustee’s generally meet 4 times a year, once per quarter

Can I submit my application via email?

No, applications must be submitted by post to our Saffron Walden address

What is the follow up report you require?

We ask that for grants awarded, when the project is finished you provide us with a report detailing how the project has gone if these can be provided within the first year/when the project is complete.

Please email these to:

If you are unsure on what to put in a report please use this template



What we are unlikely to provide charitable funding for:

  • Expeditions or personal educational needs without a wider benefit.
  • Animal sanctuaries and care.
  • Projects unrelated to the Trust’s objects.
  • Organisations based outside the UK.
  • General appeals or mail-shots.