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Charitable Funding & Research Grants : How To Apply

Charitable Funding proposals should address the objectives of the Nineveh Charitable Trust ("supports a broad range of UK-based projects and activities of benefit to the General Public") but other aims may receive consideration, guided by the Trustees' views on what Professor and Mrs James would have supported.

An application for charitable funding need be no longer than 2 pages (single sided):

  • We prefer to pay grants to UK registered charities or Community Interest Companies.
  • But individual applicants may be considered if the outcome benefits are clearly defined

Three copies of your proposal should be sent with a stamped self-addressed envelope (to reduce our administration burden) to:

RGH Lewis
The Nineveh Charitable Trust
Park Farm,
Frittenden Road,
Kent TN27 8LG

Proposals for charitable funding can be in the form of a letter, but a Situation - Target - Proposal type of structure is helpful to explain your objective for our funding and the details of the proposal, especially if it is quite complex.

A brief summary could also be useful.

Background information (e.g. in a covering letter), such as website and email addresses, annual accounts, photographs etc, gives us an idea of your organisation's aims and accomplishments.

We Want to Know:

  • How much you want.
  • What the money is going to be used for (e.g. provide a breakdown).
  • Methodologies (e.g. of a field study; how the data will be measured).
  • Successful outcome indicators (e.g. please specify up to 3 measures that will demonstrate the success of your project)
  • What the benefit will be, not only to your organisation but thinking about the wider world.
  • How your target will support our aims.

We will be pleased to support requests for one-off payments and to match funds promised by other granting agencies, but we are also interested in backing longer-term, more complex projects over several years. It is very helpful if we can pay you periodically (not just up-front or annually) at least in part.

Our investment income of c.£330,000 p.a. sets an informal limit on the amount we disburse in grant-aid. Recently we have also dipped into our capital because we are receiving more proposals as we become more widely known. Accordingly, our level of funding commitments has been maintained, being £364,438 in 2015-16 (£338,885 in 2014-15, £367,719 in 2013-14, 206,000 in 2012-13, rising from £19,400 in 2008-09). Our cumulative donations achieved since granting was restarted in 2007 now exceed £1.8M.


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Applications can be considered quite speedily. The Trustees try to meet at least four times a year to discuss applications, but we also communicate frequently by email and phone to make interim decisions as well.

Once funded, we want you to submit a report on the proposal that we can publish on this website, so the public and the Charity Commission can see how our funds are employed. We believe subsequent years’ payments should be dependent on satisfactory progress in the preceding year. The Trustees have devised a Questionnaire to gain information about the funds we provide, their value to you and any feedback for us. We will ask you to complete this at your project's conclusion.

What we are unlikely to provide charitable funding for:

  • Expeditions or personal educational needs without a wider benefit.
  • Animal sanctuaries and care.
  • Projects unrelated to the Trust's objects.
  • Organisations based outside the UK.
  • General appeals or mail-shots.
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