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Sustainable Ecology

In order to promote a sustainable ecology in the United Kingdom the Nineveh Charitable Trust supplies funding to organisations or individuals to help further their work or research. One example of this is the work carried out by the Royal Highland Education Trust: we supported the Kinnordy outdoor educational event for Dundee primary schools. Providing this kind of educational experience for the youth of Dundee helps make them aware of the species of plant and animal life existing around them. Sustainability involves securing the future of countryside flora and fauna; raising the awareness of the youth of today aims to have a positive effect long into the future.

We have also helped fund the Skye Fisheries plan for managing sustainable fisheries on the Isle of Skye. A cohesive policy for the management of such fisheries sustains tourism and the island's income and population.

Further funding from the Nineveh Trust has helped the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust to organise field trials of a potential acaricide to repel, or reduce in number, tick infestation in sheep. This research helps to identify novel treatments that may reduce tick-born diseases in live stock, including deer which are also prone to tick attack but which are almost impossible to treat using conventional methods.

New Projects

The Trust is always looking for new and more creative ways to help promote a sustainable ecology in the United Kingdom. As part of that commitment the education of the general public is considered highly important. Improving agricultural processes and promoting the cultivation of trees and endangered plant species is also important as habitats for wild life are threatened by modern farming processes, developed originally without consideration for sustainability.

If you or your organisation are carrying out work or research that shares the aims of the Nineveh Charitable Trust we would like to hear from you. Visit our 'how to apply' section for more information or contact us with any questions you may have.

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