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Rural Funding

As the Trust's Aims page identifies, The Nineveh Charitable Trustees wish, very broadly, to promote the preservation of the countryside.

While we have identified the urban environment for potential funding, it is clear that rural funding will be a mainstay of the Trust, and examples of beneficiaries are shown on our 'Awards Granted' page. Examples of rural support include:

  • The Friends of the Anglesey Red Squirrel Trust, to support community and learning programmes about red squirrel conservation, having very successfully, and uniquely, eradicated grey squirrel predator competition from the locality
  • Upland agriculture is an essential contributor to the upland rural economy, so we are pleased to support the publication of Dr LT Mansfield's forthcoming text book on 'Upland Agriculture and the Environment', which might otherwise fill too narrow a niche to receive interest from mainstream academic publishers, especially in these straitened economic times
  • The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, to fund a field trial of a novel, plant-based, herbicide. The potential was that if shown to be active in the study population, it would provide protection for game species that are otherwise very difficult to capture and treat in the wider rural environment.

Rural Funding Projects Which Met Our Criteria

The Skye Fisheries Trust provides another example of a charity that is rurally-based, on the Isle of Skye. Their Fishery Management Plan that we provided rural funding for will potentially, in the longer term, have a positive impact on the island's rural economy through enhanced fishery stocks and therefore tourism.

We encourage creative thinking about what rural funding could encompass: potential applicants will understand that the phrase can have wide interpretations within the Objects of the Trust. In your application we are keen to understand what the wider implications of our potential grant-aid could be, not just for the outcome of your project, but also on the local community. Visit our 'How to Apply' page, or contact us via our contact form.

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