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Environmental Research Support

Through environmental research support The Nineveh Charitable Trust aims, very broadly, to promote the preservation of the countryside (conservation, agriculture, land management, ecology, sustainability, etc) including the education of the general public by providing charitable funding to any person or organisation with similar objectives in the U.K.

The Trustees choose to think creatively about this mission, and therefore want to encourage a wide range of applications, including the support of environmental research projects that have a wider impact. Notable beneficiaries are shown on our Grants Awarded page including:

  • The Skye Fisheries Trust: our environmental research support allowed the completion of a comprehensive Fishery Management Plan, to sustain and develop the island's fisheries, potentially with a positive longer-term impact on the island's environment, tourism and therefore prosperity. We have also contributed additionally to funding a juvenile salmonid survey that updates how well the protective measures so far undertaken have impacted salmonid spawning.
  • The Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects, University of Sussex, promoting for three years research into where honeybees forage and how local flowering species sustain the honeybee population; this is part of a large collaborative research effort seeking to support pollination and environmental prosperity, and
  • The Weald Meadows Initiative: The Nineveh Trust provided environmental research support in the form of funding for a full-time Meadows Officer to be employed for for two years, to foster the development of wild seed and meadow conservation.

Environmental Research Funding

The term 'research' should not be considered too narrowly, as in the academic sense. Thus other examples we have supported include the following:

  • The Birchanger Wood Trust, to implement footpaths so that the wood's population of wood-floor flowering species will suffer less damage from walkers and, complementarily, to support the Birchanger Trust's first-rate efforts in local education, promoting the woodland, its ecology, and the understanding of local residents who might otherwise unknowingly damage their environment. It will become clear, through the new footpaths, how the local environment is positively impacted in the longer term. Similarly,
  • Layston First School and Charing Primary School have both used our environmental research support funding to build ponds in the schools' grounds as part of ecological education projects for their pupils. While not 'research support' per se (although unquestionably educational), we see this as a positive endeavour to seed knowledge and appreciation of the children's environmental heritage.

Environmental Research Support Award Grants

Look at the other examples on the 'Grants Awarded' page as illustrations of our thinking. We encourage creative thinking about what 'Environmental Research Support' could encompass: potential applicants should not feel restricted by the phrase to a narrow academic view. We welcome enquiries via our contact form.

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