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Charitable Funding

The phrase 'Charitable Funding' could be very wide-ranging, but was restricted by the Founders of the Nineveh Charitable Trust to the preservation of the countryside (conservation, agriculture, land management, ecology, sustainability, etc), including the education of the general public, by providing charitable funding to any person or organisation with similar objectives in the U.K.

More recently the Trustees have supported a broad range of UK-based projects and activities of benefit to the General Public, with an emphasis on promoting better understanding of the environment and countryside, whilst facilitating improved access, education and research. The Trustees wish to interpret their charitable funding objectives as creatively as we can, and our donations shown on the 'Grants Awarded' page indicate the areas that, to date, we have supported.

Charitable Funding Examples

View examples of recent charitable funding that we have provided below:

  • The FIFTH Trust, which supports mentally-disabled adults through horticultural education, provides training for its students suited to all grades of ability. The Trust raises funding through its horticultural endeavours; therefore, supporting the development of their horticultural centre at Elham Valley Vineyard served several aims it provided work and training opportunities for their students to improve their life circumstances, and it enhanced the Trust's income from the sale of their produce. There was an obvious synergy in our charitable support that the FIFTH Trust were able to benefit from. Similarly,
  • Arthouse Meath is an arm of the Meath Trust, which provides care and support for handicapped people with epilepsy. The Meath Trust in Godalming has woodland it would like, in the longer term, to develop with paths and walks. We favoured funding the Arthouse's immediate need for a printer and scanner instead because its drive to channel the artistic endeavours of its residents has creative and therapeutic ends, as well as a commercial purpose, that are obviously worthwhile. Our support will facilitate income-generation for the Meath Trust through its own efforts, ultimately leading to the woodland development.
  • The Royal Highland Education Trust organises outdoor day schools for Dundee children at the Kinnordy Estate. We contributed funding to this project because the children, from inner city schools in Dundee, are informed about farming, farm animals, their care, and outdoor activities, educational experiences they would otherwise not likely encounter.

Funding from the Nineveh Charitable Trust

Dr Mansfield's forthcoming publication 'Upland Agriculture and the Environment' is another example that the Trustees thought merited our charitable funding support: upland agriculture is currently experiencing considerable economic pressure and her textbook, which aims to educate students, farmers and agricultural funders, including Government and the European Commission, was seen as fitting too narrow a niche to receive support from mainstream publishers.

If you are engaged in any aspect of environmental or rural activity that has charitable aims, then we may well be able to help you, especially if you can show how our funding will benefit your community in a wider sense. Visit our 'How to Apply' page and contact us via our contact page.

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